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The husband and I had a very productive weekend despite my inadvertent attempt to sabotage it by playing with a cat that had really sharp claws. (She got them clipped Sunday, after she'd already sliced the bejeebers out of my pinky.) Bandaids and work gloves are a good combination so long as the bandaid, which must be applied in the wrong direction due to the teentiny absorbent section within the humongous strip of adhesive, is covered with enough paper tape to keep it from attaching to the glove and ripping off. This will also keep you from bleeding all over the work gloves.

Over Saturday and Sunday we managed to assemble the indoor scaffolding, put up all 12 roman shades on the upper level windows, disassemble the scaffolding and pack it back onto the trailer for an early morning dropoff at the rental shop. This whirlwind means that tonight I get to go home and remove the extra packing box for the shades (now that there's room in the recycle bin) and try to figure out how to get the last 4 up so that they don't look stupid. These last ones will go over the sliding doors in pairs, so the spacing will be important. But after that, we'll be done. Well, except for the part where we try ti figure out how to raise and lower the ones that are too high to reach the cords for. Those will require some super-sekrit solution so that short little me can reach the cord that ends 12 feet in the air. All suggestions for guesses on what this super-sekrit invention is will be considered.
Tags: domestic, weekend recap
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