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Spare time

I've just finished reading The Stand (Stephen King). I'd never read this book before. But with all the Anthrax scares and everything, I figured a book about plagues was pretty timely. It was great. But I'll never read another King book, unless I'm really desperate, or demented.

I was very annoyed by the fact that this was exactly the same as his other books. Same bad guy, same plot points, everything. And while I enjoyed the ideas he had on the end of the world, I don't want to feel that I've read a book except for the minor points.

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i'm hoping, for your sake, that you read the abridged version? i've read both, and the complete version doesn't add anything to the story, in my opinion.

I read the long one. And I really enjoyed the characters. I just felt that I'd read it beofre and oh man was I annoyed at that!

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