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One of the most frustrating things about this house has been the loss of a garbage disposal. For a while, I figured that we'd simply have a compost heap outside and that would take care of the problem. Oooh, was I deluded.

For one thing, you can't put meat into a compost heap. It stinks and attracts pests (and neighbor dogs) faster than you can blink. The other big one is that in order to have a useful heap, you really need to spend some time to design and build a good easily maintained system. At this point, time is a rare commodity. Looking at the list of projects that are half complete is horrifying.

The biggest obstacle to getting a disposal and solving at least have of the stinky trash problem has been that we're on a septic system. So no ordinary disposal for us. Oh no, we require the super-duper Insinkerator Septic Assist.

And until yesterday, this thing was impossible to find. Somehow, in the last month or so, people decided that maybe they should sell it. So we went yesterday and picked one up. Now the hard part will be installing it. But when I get a plumber out (thank you Angie's list!), we'll get this and the water pressure upgrade done at the same time. Two whole projects with one fell swoop.

Now if the plumber will just call me back...

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So when this super insinkerator is installed, you'll be able to, in theory, dispose of a body at your quiet and unassuming little house out in the woods. Right?

That's the idea. Of course, if we plant it in the hill somewhere, there's better deniability.

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