savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Last weekend was pretty full, but I still came away feeling like there was something missing. Maybe it was that we didn't go walking in the sun on Sunday.

Friday night was watching Arrested Development season 3. This show kills me. I don't know how it got pulled from the air. My only guess is that the humor was too... British? It's right there, and it's always on. Sarcastic and insightful, but you really have to be paying attention to the words and the action all at once. I guess it's just not stereotypical sitcom and couldn't catch enough momentum to keep going. Still love it though.

Saturday was a lot of time wandering around the Woodcraft show with my husband and father. There are just too many cool tools out there. I managed to get my father and husband a little something (Fathers Day is now taken care of) and still come away without going too far into debt. I could have spent about another $4K though on some really useful stuff. That doesn't include the computer programmed laser carving machine.

Sunday, well, Sunday was a little different. Spent half the day wasting time and the other half shopping for some specific stuff while feeling sick. The stomach ache meant that I didn't get my run in, and tried very hard to ruin the afternoon. It wasn't completely successful, but it did make me snappish which is never fun. The cats were also a bit pissy, so all around the house wasn't a very fun place to be last night.
Tags: weekend recap
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