savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Home improvements

So far I've been pretty lucky with my attempts to get some work done on the house. I suspect that all planned savings this year will be used up fixing this stuff we can't/don't have time to do ourselves. So far, I have an electrician and house painters coming out this week for estimates. I need to talk to our neighbors to get at least one more painting estimate before committing to anything there. I'm seriously hoping that the electricians estimate will be reasonable enough that I can bring out the plumber too.

The part that is so frustrating is that much of this stuff we could do ourselves if we could spread it over the next two years. But as it is, we still need to fix the siding on the garage and get the yard into some semblance of order, so something has to give. There are only so many hours and it's just plain faster to hire someone to do some of this work. And the longer we wait, the more projects we find that need to be done. Like I'd really like to paint the inside of the house this winter instead of having another year of white.

Some days I think that I could quit my job and do most of this work myself and come out even. But the project manager inside my head knows that I'd never be content with that. Sure the cost would go down, but the time and resources would go up. So it's just more efficient to pay someone to fix this stuff. Doesn't mean I have to like it though.
Tags: house renovations, to do

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