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I'm still mulling this over, but I'm sick of the links clogging my browser.

I'm thinking about the connection between farm subsidies and their encouragment of corn and soy production with the weight problem of the US. Foods high in corn/soy and their byproducts/distillates seem to be a factor. Couple this with the effect that they have on foods grown with these products (i.e. farm animals slaughtered for consumption). Would modification of the subsidy program to encourage production of other types of foods be worthwhile? How do we encourage local eating and sustainable/appropriate farming?

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My one comment is that "sustainable farming" shouldn't be confused with "organic" which it is not. The articals imply that a bit.

Sustainable farming should be able to use low/non impact products that are engneered. There are many "organic" pesticies and such that are worse for the enviroment. (specifically, they use large quantities of sulfer, iron, and oil).

I think the best way to encourage it is to vote with your pocket book. Join a CSA, or grow your own produce as you can. Grow extra and give it to friends. Eventually the question gets ask is "how do you do it?" and then you suck them in. When you do buy stuff from the store, support local agraculture over something grown elsewhere, even if it costs more.

Well, I'm already a member of a CSA for veggies. Are you yet? They deliver locally...

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