savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Two little pedals

My husband and I have been talking about biking somewhere for the better part of two years. In fact, we'd even gone so far as to borrow my fathers bike last summer, and even moved it with us when we moved into the new house. We first started talking about it when cleaning out the garage one summer and I noticed the rollerblades gathering dust on their shelf. I was never a fan of rollerblading, even though I'd gone a couple of times and was reasonably good at it. There was just something about the speed and the braking system that didn't sit right with me so I was never able to really relax and enjoy the exercize. I spent most of my time freaking out about the condition of the trail or how my husband was wobbling all over in front of me while turning around to see how I was doing.

My husband used to ride his bike to and from work most days, of course this was before he moved in with me and added 20 miles to his commute. The new distanceand route just weren't conducive to taking his bike. So he fell out of practice. But he was fairly serious about it while he was active and still has all the gear and the mods he's made to the bike to be outfitted just the way he wanted were still in good condition.

On the other hand, I hadn't ridden a bike in almost 20 years. The last time I was even a little serious about it was right before the car crashed into me, breaking my collar bone and ruining my bike. After that, I gave it up. There wasn't anyplace safe to ride or anywhere to go. And shortly afterwards I injured my knee, making the motion of pedalling exceedingly painful.

But at our new house, there's a trail nearby that's pretty flat and easy to get to. Best of all, my knee has been quiet lately even with all the treadmill work and the sun was out. So we decided to clean up the bikes and take a quick ride to test them out.

Oddly enough, I was terrified. I was convinced that I wasn't going to remember how to run one of those things and I was going to wipe out on the gravel. I didn't, naturally, and I was eventually able to get past the little voice in my head that was convinced I was going to fail. In fact, I had a blast. I really want to go riding again, especially since I finally figured out the sticky gearshift and got into a gear where I wasn't working so hard to maintain speed. Oh, I'm not up for any hilly territory yet, but I think the next time we gou out I'll be able to last longer before my knee hurts. And since it didn't hurt the next day, I think this might just be a good way to rehab it. I'm really hoping that it's as much fun the next time as it was the last. It sure didn't feel like work.
Tags: exercize
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