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Why are there so few

Why are there so few people over 30 that dance?

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It requires large quantaties of booze to connect the dancing bone to the body and once you pass 26, people's ability to party harty is reduced.

Beth might go dancing with you... :)

That would be awesome. She'd be a kick to have around.

Why does it require booze to dance? I don't get it!

If you have ever seen me dance, you would know why...booze is the only way to do so, just like it is the only way to do kerioke...both require many many hours of prep time...

Maybe they're too self-conscious.

Or too busy being grown-up to have fun?

Now that's just sad. I'm betting on it being tired of getting hit on by scary guys. But then, I never understood men who think they're going to meet girls who are dancing.

I second that bet and am willing to put down double the money! My G-D! The number of actual times we were hit on was fewer than it has been at other times...but the number of 'incidental touchings' was still way too high for comfort.

Dancing was totally fun! We will need to do it again but maybe with our own mix, etc. :)

Or it's hard to find a babysitter ;-)

We're all too old ;-)

I suspect it's mostly that we've been dragged away from that hobby by something else and have never gotten back to it. I'd like to dance still but I basically never do.

It's one of the things I do rarely, but occasionally make plans for. There's just something theraputic about losing your brain for a while in music.

Ah, fortunately for me I've long since lost my brain. ;-)

xerhino is just too funky...he would make James Brown look bad... :)

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