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I told you so...

Yesterday, was very confusing. It was like the universe was trying to lump all the good and bad things that can happen into one day. I spent the day doing nothing. I was trying to cope with my grief/guilt over my uncles death. So I was avoiding the world.

Then I get a request for an interview with someone who's really excited. So I was feeling a little better. Then my fiance showed up with groceries and cooked dinner. Even better. And the cat used the toilet with all 4 feet on the seat! So things were definitely looking up.

Then it went all wrong. The cat managed to get stuff stuck to her, and I got to chase her with a paper towel trying to avoid a big icky mess. I think I may have traumatized her.

Then my fiancee stuck all of the trash from dinner down the disposal at once, and the kitchen sink is clogged. Neither cleaner nor a drain snake are working. So I get to call a plumber, but I don't know if they can do anything without cutting pipes. Ugh.

So it was definitely a confusing day.
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