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Talked to the neighbors yesterday a little while returning their horse-like dogs. The dogs had managed to corner a coyote to where it was making this horrible screaming noise right outside our house. Anyway, after getting the dogs to let the coyote go and walking them home, we talked a bit with the guy who's lived next door for quite a while.

We were talking about how the coyotes seem to be coming around far more frequently now that the dogs are fenced (they were climbing the nearby mountain with hikers and making nuisances of themselves). He said that they'd found half a cat in their yard the other day, and hoped it wasn't ours. Yeah, never letting them out.

Also, after several near misses by the bat that lives nearby, he warned us that we're getting into bear season. It seems some of the neighbors had bears on their porches last year, digging through the trash. And I thought we were too close to civilization for that sort of thing.

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Wow, Bears on porches! That's like...well the only other folks I know that get that are my parents when they are in their cabin on 40 acres in the middle of a national forest surrounded by logging land in Michigan near the Wisconsin border!

Let me know if you get any more things that go bump in the night! Crazy.

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