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I went to a post-project party for work tonight. I had a good time, and since it was at a bar that included a few drinks. I said some things, while not out of character, were a little stronger than I normally say at work. I then spent the entire drive home kicking myself for saying too much. Classic introvert behavior, right?

Well, part way home, I decided that if my coworkers can't cope, the can go fuck themselves. This is me, take it or leave it. Either way is no skin off my nose. I had a good time, I curse, and I'm fun. I may be the quiet girl at the office (until you wind me up) but I'm also the ony chick in the bar dancing when the good music comes on the jukebox. That's me, for better or for worse.

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Did you talk about burning down the place if the stapler isn't returned? :P

No. Although that would have been really funny. And moderately appropriate.

you hardly said more then then you should. don't think anyone was bothered by anything you said.

See, that's the funny part. It's not about reality so much as it is my head getting in the way. Some day it will learn to shut up.

Yeah...just drink more and then you're head will stop saying "you were annoying" and will say "you were a f*%king god playing air guitar..."

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