savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Stubborn cat

For some bizarre and unknowable reason, last night the cat peed in a random box in the kitchen. He's never done this before, always using the catboxes and ignoring the random packing boxes lying about. It was almost as though he was protesting some smell in this particular box.

But just in case, we watched him carefully last night and I'm keeping an eye on him today. I really want to make sure he's not sick before concluding that this is some wonky behavioral thing or a random bad smell in a box. Fortunately, he's not showing any signs of distress other than the one random peeing incident. I really hope that he was just being a butt and didn't like the smell of that box. In fact, I can hear him upstairs, using the catbox now. The one thing I'm really worried about is getting rid of the smell on the wood floor.
Tags: cats
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