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California in a nutshell

I keep putting off writing about visiting LA. I think part of it is that I have some vague notion that I'm going to pull the pictures off my camera, and gee, wouldn't it be nice to post about this with pictures? But really, I don't think that's going to happen. Sitting still in the house has lately been accompanied by lots of drooling and mumbling "braaaaaains." So here goes the text-only version of my short vacation (which was actually exactly the perfect amount of time to be in LA).

Friday we arrived at the airport, had a short flight with a whole college football team hyped up on sugar, followed by the worst landing I've ever endured, and successfully made it to the hotel. The landing actually had the flight attendants laughing and making remarks like "well, at least we're down now." We took a short down time to recover (why does getting to the airport require 4 hours of prep time?) and then went out for dinner with the brother-in-law and his wife. Dinner was fantastic and long, accompanied by much talking and a little drinking and discussion of wines. We went back to the in-laws house and talked for a few more hours while playing with their tiny puppies.

Saturday was a late start (thanks to the wonderful sleeping in) and then we were off to Universal Studios. I'd never been, so I led us around the park going on the studio tour, the Waterworld adventure, the Jurassic Park ride and warming up at the end with the Backdraft show. I think I laughed my head off while on the studio tour, especially when being attacked by Jaws. We took tons of pictures and I really enjoyed the day. We'd had so much food for lunch that we skipped dinner and went straight back the in-laws for chatting.

Sunday was a relaxed day, nothing on the agenda other than hitting the beach. We spent enough time down there poking around in the surf and sitting on the sand. I spent about an hour playing with seaweed and the sand, which I love because all we have here in the NorthWest is rock. Rock beaches just aren't as much fun as sand - it's hard to walk without poking holes in your feet. After getting good and sunburned, we were off to Pinkberry and then back to the in-laws to read and sun some more. I had a fantastic margarita (made by my brother-in-law-who-can't-sit-still) and relaxed with tiny dogs running around in the yard. We went for fantastic sushi for dinner and ate everything under the sun. How is that sushi never seems to fill me up? There's always room for one more piece.

Monday we hit up Peet's for coffee and headed back out to the airport. I wasn't impressed with the Peet's. It was my first time there, and I'm not sure they made my coffee properly, but it just wasn't as great as all the hype about the brand would lead me to believe. I actually prefer the Black Cat we use at home. But, it was good to sit in the breeze and listen to my husband chat with his brother. Of course, I totally tuned them out as they were talking shop and discussing coding languages but it was interesting to see them talk about work as equals. The funniest part though was watching them suck down their coffee like it was a race. Neither of them understand that "getting coffee" is a euphemism for sitting around and talking. Somehow I managed to keep from giggling while watching them race to finish their drinks. I think it was a tie.
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