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We don't need not steeeking power

So, the last two days have been fun. First windstorm of the season came rushing through and my house is prepared! We hava a generator and a switch in the wall to plug in whatever we want. But Wednesday night, I find out that the test they ran checking the circuit was using a different generator, ours has never been run. And there's no oil in it, so it's not ready to go. At such a late time on Wednesday, it was a little late to do anything about it but we weren't expecting much wind up here anyway.

Thursday is blustery going in to work. The power flickers several times in the office. At 2:30 it goes out for good. I think I actually cheered out loud. Most of the time I like my job, but yesterday wasn't one of those days. I'd been crabby and wanting to leave for hours, so I was excited. Most of my team stuck around for an hour playing Fact or Crap. This was highly entertaining and much better than working. It's also conveniently difficult to get in trouble if your boss is playing too. At 3:30, they shooed us out of the building.

At that point I called my husband. Since we'd carpooled in to the office, I needed to make arrangements to pick him up somewhere so we could go home. Unfortunately, they still had power and there was no way he could leave before 4:30, which would mean he'd be at the Park N Ride at 5:30 or so. 2 hours of waiting. Ugh. And it wasn't like I could just leave the car and catch a ride with someone - he didn't have a key. So I drove over to get him. It's all of 14 miles, but it took me an hour and a half. I knew it would take that long - I've been in that kind of crappy traffic before. So I asked him to make dinner reservations. I knew that I wasn't going to be in any shape for another several hours of driving to get home.

On the way to pick him up, I watched some windsurfers on Lake Washington. It was amazing to see those crazy people swinging around in 50+ mph gusts. I'm surprised that none of them slammed into the bridge.

I hit my destination at exactly 5. Walked into the restaurant, sat down and slorped up 2 cosmos. I hate stop and go traffic. It makes me crazy. We had fantastic seafood (king crab, mussels, halobut cakes, shrip, scallops and mahi mahi) and I had one last cosmo. Then my husband drove us home. Traffic was light and we made it all the way to the house in half an hour.

This morning I got up and online, ready to work, when our power went out. It seems one of the poles finally had enough and snapped, destroying a transformer in the process. Fortunately, we were only out for 3 hours. Any more than that and I would have had to fire up the generator.