savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Today starts the two month spree of crazy travel. I've just finished up my bookings for going out of town 3 times between now and the middle of December. And this doesn't include the husbands trip later in December, since I'm not going with him. At that point, I strongly suspect that it will take wild horses to get me out of the house, let alone out of the state.

November is a week in San Francisco followed the next day by urgent work stuff. Then a few days later I'm out for another week to Spokane. No, there is no way that they could be combined. Nor could they be consecutive. I must come back to the office to read massive quantities of email and make inane replies that are too late and miss the point.

December is only one trip, but it's work related again. And there is much drinking that will ensue. Jake's Grill at the Governor Hotel in Portland has the best lemon drops I've ever had. I'm sure they'll come in handy as I shop in the sales tax free town.

It's strange, but I'm already starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. This amount of travel is very much out of my norms and pushes a large number of my buttons. I like my life to be... stable, I guess, is the word I'm looking for. I like things to stay the same. It takes a lot of gearing up for me to go anywhere without being a giant ball of stress with a side of cranky. These trips will be a good test of my ability to maintain an even keel. I have a lot of notice, so I can start the packing lists as soon as the fretting sets in. The travel itself should be fun though.

Ahh, the holidays. Why is it that there's always some insane production around them? Couldn't we spread out the crazies over the spring and summer too? Hmmm, maybe next year.
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