savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Power and physical fitness

A couple of months ago, I started lifting weights. I've been doing a pretty half-ass job of it, but I'm enjoying it. And the best part is that it turns out I'm actually getting stronger. My next workout, I have to add more weight because I've hit my upper limit on reps, so I need to add more to decrease the number. This blows my mind. I actually have muscles! Weenie ones, but they're there!

The funny part is that after working out, I feel really strong. Not in a physical way (I've just worked my muscles into pulp, after all) but emotionally. I feel like I can conquer anything. It's such a wonderful high. And I find that the more regularly I work out, the more I feel this way. There's just something about picking up all that extra weight that makes me feel like I can handle all the extra mental weight as well, and lightens the load considerably. It's kind of addicting. And I love it that way.
Tags: brain, exercize
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