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tea pile


We have no coffee in the house. None. I don't think this has ever happened before - not even while we weren't drinking house coffee (coffee shops can get insanely expensive when spending $4/coffee 4 or so times a week). Since I've discovered this, I've come down with a nearly incurable craving for coffee. I broke down yesterday and bought myself one at the coffee shop that's in the office building and it was... passable I guess. Having our own espresso machine means that not only are we saving money and getting hormone-free milk in the deal, but the coffee is better. Bah, I've become a coffee snob without meaning to.

I'm off to search the house again, just in case there was some coffee lying around that I missed. Hopefully I find some before I go nuts and am forced to go out and buy a drink.

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awesome! (the cartoon)

Coffee snobbery comes with this part of the country...I get so frustrated at other national airports...and I can't even tell you how annoying it is that people don't GET coffee in other parts of the country. Coffee is not just a part of life...it is a vital part of life!

I always feel so spoiled when I get into this sort of thing. That I can afford to care about my coffee blows my mind. :)

well sure...when you compare it to trying to live on 50cents a day...yeah...we really are lucky!

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