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Travel aaaarrgh

Over the weekend the panic hit. I'm traveling on Saturday! I must fly and stay somewhere else for nearly a week! Aaah!

It' so weird that this sent me into a flurry of anxiety. I've been looking forward to this trip for months, but here I am freaking out about it. How on earth does that work? Am I really that much of a hermit? It's not like I've never been to San Francisco before, this should be cake!

So I'm taking control by making my packing list. I'm sure to forget something, but at least this way it feels like I'm traveling on purpose and not being shoved on an airplane against my will.

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I wish I had some of that anxiety over moving and travel...instead...in general...I just end up not doing much of anything...packing at the last minute and throwing every human being close to me into a frenzy b/c they can't understand why I'm:
a) not doing anything to prep
b) not the least bit worried about it
c) driving them crazy

I try to get better every move/change/travel thing we do...but I can't help it...as an only kid...I didn't have to deal with this stuff for myself...ever.

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