savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Kitties and meat

It appears that it's been nearly a year since I last mentioned my little monsters and their eating habits. What a year it's been. We had some trouble spots; going on vacation while transitioning cats from stinky food to non-stinky food is not a good plan. But this sort of thing was a fairly minor setback, and we're finally on all-raw all the time. No more catfood in this house.*

At this point, we're not on whole chunks of meat for both cats, but they're doing pretty well. Moll is finally branching out from her only ground rabbit phase and will actually eat rabbit and goat muscle meat. She's also a huge fan of rabbit liver. I have no idea why. Phil is doing well and will eat chunks of a large variety of meats, including some bone chewing. His favorite is currently goat or cow. Just don't tell him that he'd never catch these things in the wild.

The diet has done some wonderful things for the cats. They're now more playful than ever, have far less objectionable breath, and actually have fewer hairballs. It's wonderful. They're also maintaining a good weight, despite eating everything in sight. Much better than rationing their kibble and having them still gain weight.

This new cat diet has done some interesting things to my view of food. We currently have rabbit, chick and quail carcases in various freezers. At some point over the last year, I stopped caring that these things used to be alive. It just became an irrelevant factoid, like knowing that people farm vegetables. Background data, I guess is what I'm saying. The really weird part is that it hasn't done anything to my caring for living creatures. I still take care of the goldfish like they're important members of the family and worry about bunnies running across the road. Now there's just a disconnect between these creatures and the dead ones waiting to be fed to the cats.

* This is not strictly true. We have catfood in the pantry in case of emergencies. Like the power goes out (again) or the cats get really sick and refuse to eat.
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