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Local Politics

While poking around the net trying to find dirt on candidates before voting, I stumbled across a local progressive weblog that seemed pretty interesting. They had a lot of the same views on some of the initiatives that I did, but I was in a hurry and more focused on candidates, so I didn't really look at it too hard. That's what RSS feeds are for right? (nwprogressivein for the curious)

So I've been reading their coverage of the election and it's been pretty entertaining. But today, they came out with the news that Tim Eyeman's Initiative 747 has been ruled unconstitutional. I nearly did a dance of joy in my chair reading that. Tim Eyeman makes me insane. His agenda is solely to reduce taxes at the expense of anything and everything which means that I vote against anything he proposes. Reducing taxes with no plan for what services to reduce (especially when the legislature or voters have approved them) makes me insane. Talk about short-sighted.

So far I'm really enjoying this blog and getting some interesting news I wouldn't otherwise see. It's nice to have something on the blogroll that's local. The best part? They're looking for members that might be contributing content. Something to thing about...
Tags: notnano, politics
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