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Political power?

My husband and I were semi-talking last night on the way home from work. We were both absolutely brain-dead and mostly just spouting news stories at one another. It went from the court ruling against Tim Eyeman to the loss of required dispensation of Plan B in Washington to the first ever veto override of Bush Jr. At which point, I seemed to wake up because I started ranting about the Democrats and their supposed political power. So much for actually doing anything when they've got it, if they can't even override the S-CHIP veto and give kids health care. The best part? They've increased the funding for abstinence only education. It's been proven that it doesn't work, and teaches kids that condoms and birth control are dangerous. Go Dems!

My husband, peacemaker that he is, tried to justify their action as a political play for something more important later on. I don't buy it, but I love him so I'll let him have that little delusion. It makes him happy.

But today I saw this. And it just cracked me the heck up. So true.

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The "power" they have is only limited. There aren't enough democrats in the senate or house to override a veto without republican help, and many of the republicans are sticking to party lines. The two big problems is the dems aren't good at spin. No matter what they do, or what opertunity they are presented, they can't spin it right. When S-CHIP failed, they should have been out there on every airwave spining it like "Republicans hate children...they voted against health insurance for kids." They don't call people on hipocracy..."So much for Republicans as the 'Values' people. They want your children to get sick and die." And the votes are the other issue. If people really wanted to get things to change, there should have been more dems sent to congress...but instead we gerrymander the districts.

Virgin-O rays!!! LOL! Too funny!

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