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Dangerous feet

Ever since I fell and twisted my ankle so badly a year ago, it seems that I'm falling all the time. It's getting bad enough that I actually have a sense of humor about it now. It's hard to not stop and laugh a little when you've just tripped over the ground badly enough to crash to the ground in front of a bunch of strangers.

I wish I could figure out why I've developed this propensity to crash to the ground. Is it a particular pair of shoes? Am I not paying enough attention? Do I really need to focus that much on where I'm putting my feet? When did I develop such a disconnect between my brain and the rest of my body? Should I be wearing padding or bubble wrap to protect against these times? If only that were the answer...

The nice thing about all of this falling down is that people are so very kind about it. Everyone who sees me go splattering all over the ground rushes over to see if I'm ok. I never actually hurt myself anymore (is it sad that I've learned to catch myself properly while crashing to the ground), but it's heartening to see that people actually care. The kindness they display somehow renews my faith in humanity. They could just turn away and ignore me, but they don't. They actually comer over to see if I'm ok or need help. It's just nice to know that people care when they see someone who might be in trouble.

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Maybe you've read too much Douglas Adams and are trying to fly :-P

I can see where it might be hard walking if you were a dolphin :)

It sounds like you did something to piss off gravity and it's holding a grudge against you...don't piss off one of strong forces in the universe. They mess with you every chance they get. If you think gravity is bad, electromagnetism is a cast iron bitch when it's mad at you...

That sound like the voice of experience...

might want to let your chiropracter know about this newly developed war with gravity...could be that the ankle healed in a way to effect your balance...stranger things have happened and at least one olympic diver has documented developing vertigo from an ankle injury. Her chiropracter and team of trainers figured out the issue and she went to compete again in the olympics...so you could get better.

I'm leaning more toward thinking I'm an idiot, but you probably have something there. My new posture is probably affecting the way that I stand and walk.

As I read the title I thought "ha, ha. You misspelled 'feat'." Oh, nope never mind.

What kinds of feats were you thinking I was getting up to?

Um, Power Cleave? No, tumbling.

Smartass. I'm all about the stealth these days.

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