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Star Trek as an interpreter

Recently, someone told me that I was "refreshing." Because I am a little OCD about some things (have you ever seen how frequently I wash my hands?) I've been obsessing about this word, in large part because it has never been used about me. Cranky, bitchy, weird, loud, annoying, happy, vapid, silly, sure. I am a lot of things, in large part influenced by the company and the circumstance. But "refreshing"? Are you kidding me?

I think a large part of why I've gone OCD about this word is that its comparative. What am I being compared to? Is this good or bad? What the heck does it really mean?

Finally, last night I found clarity. While watching the Star Trek episode Errand of Mercy, the Klingon Kor declares that he finds Kirks anger "refreshing". At last, I understood. It really wasn't a comment about me at all, more a comparison with a life I know nothing of. I can let it go and find the next thing to fret about.

Really, the lesson here is clear. Star Trek makes all things clear.
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Set phasers to "refreshing", Mr. Sulu!

That must be a phaser 1 setting. :P

If you start sporting pointy spock ears on a daily basis, I am SO leaving. ;-}

You know, I might just have to find a pair and make an icon or something now. :)

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