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Green spot

I have a giant bruise on the top of my foot. It's a mottled purple/brown/green thing that looks like old shiny roast beef. Well, not exactly, but you see where I'm going, right? The story of how I got this bruise will at some point be funny, probably exactly the moment that it stops feeling like my shoes are eating my foot.

See, Monday morning we were packing up the car to come back home from Spokane. I'm packing and putting things by the door, and my husband is taking them out to the car. He can't pack for the world, but he's good at carrying things around and if I have to rearrange the car it's not a big deal. As a side note, why is it that we always come back from visiting the parents with far more stuff than we took?

Anyway, we're down to the last couple of things, so I start carrying stuff out. There's a truck attached to a trailer between me and the car that my husband's been walking around. I look at that thing and see two careful steps and a much shorter route. So I step into the spaces between the bracing bars between the hitch and the trailer bed (for reference, see the fork here). Even with boxes, it's no problem and I'm over and loading up the car. Of course there's a bit of repacking, but it's not a big deal.

Then, on the way back, my husband decides to follow me over the fork.

This wouldn't be a problem with almost anyone else. But my husband is continually stepping on the heels of my shoes. In fact, it's to the point where I've started habitually holding his hand in public. That way, I know exactly where he is in relation to me and he can neither stomp on me feet nor fall behind without me knowing about it.

So he follows too closely over the fork and as I'm pulling up my front foot out of the second gap between the bars after placing my left foot safely out of the fork, he stomped my shoe. This of course sent my foot smashing into the metal bar, not once but twice, scraping and bruising the heck out of my foot.

The amazing part? I manage to keep my balance the whole time and not crash to the ground. Why can't I have this balance when walking on the sidewalk? I think I'm on a mission to knock my feet from my body, or at least mangle them into submission for tripping over nothing.