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Bed Head?

I had a very weird thing happen this morning. I'm standing there, minding my own business, while getting gas this morning. I'm in complete zombie mode, running on auto-pilot as I'm on the way to work and never quite wake up until at least 9. So I grab a paper towel (my car runs on diesel and those pumps are always covered in gas), wrap it around the handle and start putting gas in the car. I'm staring at the car, watching nothing happen and get tired of breating the fumes in. So I turn my head slowly and face the gas pump, staring and the numbers scrolling by so fast I can hardly tell how much I'm going to pay for this fill-up. Somewhere along the way from car to pump the guy on the other side of the island, who is walking back from buying something inside, notices my swiveling head and starts staring at me. I can only assume that he's trying to get my attention because he doesn't turn away or do the zombie equivalent. In fact, he continues to stare at me staring and the numbers on the pump until I look up at him.

"Good morning" he says, smiling at me.

"Morning" I say back, automatically being polite.

Fortunately, he moves right along and gets into his car.

I have no idea what attracted this mans attention. I don't wear makeup; I'm in jeans and boring old jacket today - I'm certainly not winning any fashion shows. All I can do is blame it on the fact that I washed and blow-dried my hair this morning, thus ending up with big, porn-star hair. As soon as I got to work, I wrapped it up to tame it. I don't need that kind of attention all day long. I wouldn't get anything done.