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This morning on my way out of the house, I noticed that the garage door had not successfully closed the night before after I put the trash cans away. I hit the button on the remote for the door to close, thinking that I was sure I'd done it the night before, but with my brain, well, it's possible that I'd just imagined it. So the door goes down until the safety sensor decides that there's something in the way and then it goes back up again. One mystery solved.

The other mystery is that there's nothing in the way of the sensor, unless you count pine needles on the ground. Which the sensor can't. So I jiggle the sensors a bit, discover that they're firmly wedged in place and hit the button again. Same response.

Now I'm running out of time and need to get going, so I figure I'll just close the door manually and muck with it later. I unlatch the door from the opener and discover something I've known for a while: there's no handle on the outside of the door. I don't have an actual key to the garage to lock up if I close it from the inside, so I figure I'll just be careful and push it down from the outside. Of course, it never occurs to me that maybe I should just open the other door and get out that way.

So I'm carefully lowering the door, using one panel as a lever until the space between it and the next gets too close together and then moving on to the next. I'm being oh-so-careful to avoid pinching my fingers until, for one second, I'm just not. And that was all it took. I pinched the hell out of the first two fingers on my right had, even breaking the skin. I bled enough that I had to go in the house to put medicine and bandages on my fingers. And now I look like some sort of idiot with matching bandaids.

And I still have to fix that door.
Tags: clumsy, house
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