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Christmas machine

I've had the most insanely productive day. In fact, it's kind of freaking me out. I managed to wrap, pack and ship all of the presents that needed to get mailed. Can I just say that any post office that can get me through the line and out in under 10 minutes at this time of year is awesome? Anyway, they're gone and on their way and will definitely make it in time. All the other presents being shipped by the manufacturer look to be headed to their destinations on time also. I have no idea how that happened. They were warning of lateness and still managed to get shipped in time. Maybe I'll even get lucky and everything will arrive in one piece.

All that's left is to finish, print and address the Christmas letter so that it can be dropped in the mail tomorrow. That should be cake.

The best part? I even finished 3 loads of laundry today. All this, done while working. I am on fire.