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Make a face for the camera

At the company party earlier this month they had a photo area set up so all of us in our fancy clothes could get our pictures taken. This is not my favorite thing in the world to do, especially because I invariably gain 50 pounds for the camera. I have not yet mastered the angled stance to actually look my weight. But I can fake a smile with the best of them after years of school pictures.

My husband is another story altogether. He is convinced that he can only smile if he's genuinely having a good time, and taking a picture is not fun. So instead he bares his teeth at the camera. He ends up looking like a wild animal ready to kill the photographer, even in his fancy suit. So in this picture of our fancy clothes, I look fat and he looks like he's ready to eat someones head.

We discussed his inability to smile last night and the discussion went something like this:

Me: You need to practice smiling for the camera. You look like you're baring your teeth here.
Him: I don't like to smile for the camera.
Me: This is not about liking to smile for the camera. Or liking having your picture taken. This is about making a good picture.
Him: But I don't smile. I laugh.
Me: No, you smile just fine. You just grimace at the camera. Try letting the smile reach your eyes.
Him: It's still bad. See? *squints and bares teeth*
Me: Ok, try being cooperative for a minute. Pretend you're happy for the camera.
Him: Pretend?
Me: Or just imagine the people who are going to enjoy seeing this picture.
Him: Hmpf. Don't wanna.

Yeah. So we're going to be practicing the smile some more tonight. And I'm going to be pretending his face is silly putty and molding it appropriately.

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I love this post. :)

Thank you! It's highly entertaining to write about these bizarro conversations. :)

It's highly entertaining to read them, too! This one reminded me of Things My Boyfriend Says. If you haven't been there, I recommend looking for Prelude to a Spidering. It makes me snerk every time I think of it.

Oh gawd. That's hilarious!

Isn't it? I wish she'd update more often. I go back and reread it every now and then, though, and find it every bit as funny each time.

This post cracked me up...my husband cannot smile for a camera either. Our wedding photos are just short of ridiculous due to how miserable he looks in most of them. I don't get what the problem is, honestly. It's not that hard!

That's what I was trying to tell him! Why is that grimace easier than relaxing into a smile? Maybe its just an attempt to keep from being in pictures at all...

Totally different take on this post...so feel free to delete this comment if needed. Here's the thing...unless you are comfortable having your hubby pose you for the camera so you look your weight (or fasting for days before upcoming photo ops)...you gotta take this as one of his things. One of the qwerky things you like about him. I get wanting to have more nice pics of you and your hubby...but that means working with family and friends to capture the two of you when he's relaxed and happy. The problem isn't with him, it's with the expectation that everyone in the world should be alright with interupting the moment to get the visual representation of the memory. I hate having my picture taken, and the only good picutes of me and mine are ones that were snapped when we were really happy, having fun and enjoying the moment rather than interupting it for the camera.

I get what you're saying. I just thought it was funny that he was being so resistant. I'm not aiming for perfect here, just nice. And I know he can do it, because he's done it in the past. Maybe catching him when he had a cold wasn't such a good idea... :)

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