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It just started snowing again.

We had about 2 inches come down yesterday, most of which was off the roads by the time I got home. This morning all that was left was a bit on the trees, looking very Christmasy.

But now big fluffy flakes are drifting down from the sky. Too lazy to make a dash for the ground, they're floating down slowly. They are also far enough apart from each other to look like they're avoiding each other. Maybe they're making their own statements, trying to rebel and be "unique little snowflakes."

They've finally had to give up that pretentiousness though, and are now falling faster, as tiny flakes on the verge of being rain. I hope they go for the full transformation. I can't see trying to get through snow-addled traffic over the Christmas weekend.
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The first rule if Fight Club is: you don't talk about Fight Club. :) Nice reference to one of my all time fave Pitt movies with the snowflakes!

Thanks! I've been using that phrase frighteningly often as it seems particularly apt this time of year. Somehow the shopping frenzy brings out the entitlement in people...

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