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Web hosting

I need advice from those of you who have your own websites. Who do you use for your hosting? Do you like them? I may need to switch to a hosted model soon, and I'd really like to have some ideas on who to look at before I get too far into it.

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I'm still using dreamhost. Which I like. They have their downs occasionally, but I think less so than other companies. Plus, they're generally communicative.

What's their customer service like? Are they pretty quick to respond?

What hosting services would you require? A lot of storage? PHP? Secure online payment?

Storage, PHP, MySQL. Also, regular backups and OS updating to be done by someone else.

Sorry, you are out of my league on that. I use directnic.net for modest service and they have always been easier to deal with than yahoo or godaddy, but I don't use the "pro" services.

My allegiance to directnic is also partially because of their steadfast handling of the Katrina flood . They were super cool. It doesn't help you if they don't have the service you want though.

I remember reading that guys LJ during the disaster. Man, they were totally on top of it.

Bluehost and Powweb both come pretty well recommended

No prob - they both have tons of space, mysql, php, etc

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