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New Years recap

New Years was a nice, relaxing holiday at my house. We had a couple of people over (xerhino and one of my local co-workers) and we talked, ate and drank for several hours. It was great. Pizza, crab, beer and Hangar One Lime vodka. What a night. Can I just say that Hangar One is the only vodka I've ever had straight and wanted more? That stuff is fantastic. I didn't even end up with a hangover.

So yesterday was watching movies and slouching around. We thought about going out, but then thought better of it. It was the last day of my holiday vacation and dammit, I didn't want to do anything! So yeah, lots of slacking. With a little bit of cleaning up. I'm actually kind of looking forward to this weekend and the massive shred-fest that's coming. There's too much paper in my office. It must all go!

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You had me at crab. *Drools*.

Yeah, that was awesome. And seriously unexpected. One of our guests was fantastic and supremely generous. Heaven!

I don't even know if there are many places I could've gotten crab here. Now that I'm thinking of it, I'm tempted to look.

pasta with crab meat. Le yum . . .

OK, now I'm hungry again. As long as it's not Krab, it sounds fantastic. :)

Gag. Faux crabby pollock shite. Makes me want to retch. Badly.

I just made the mistake of looking up what that stuff is made of. OMG, I'm no longer hungry.

Okay, I've never had Krab. Just pollock. If there is some other variant on this theme, I can't even bear to look it up.

That's probably best. The article I found included pictures. Not pretty!

Hanger One is the best I have found as well.

I wish it were more widely distributed. I'd love to try their raspberry.

We use to carry it at the club I managed. It was even hard for us to get it. The best place to get it is up in Seattle at the store #100

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