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Busy. And productive. On the weekend?

Last weekend ended up being extremely productive, even with the final company holiday party thrown in. I managed to go crazy with the shredder and clean off 2 desks and a random pile of junk. This took waaaay too long, but was wonderfully freeing. Finally getting rid of old and obsolete pieces of paper meant that now i can put more down! No, but really. For some reason running the shredder for hours gave me enough energy to finish up the migration of my website to the new server. Just in time, too. The old one decided to basically eat itself just as I was saving all the last bits of data from MySQL. Talk about timing.

Anyway, after all the shredding and data transfer, it was off to the party. Very few of my teammates were there. I swear, having parties in the winter is just a bad idea. Everyone is sick! Tromping around in fancy dresses is no fun in the rain, either. Especially for those of us with nutso hair that is only good when tamed by a flat iron and an hour of patience. But it was fun. And I drank a lot, so that's all good.

Sunday we cleaned up the yard and took advantage of the sun and the new compost bin. We only really raked about 1/3 of the yard, but I'm still sore from picking up piles, putting them in the wheelbarrow, then throwing them from the wheelbarrow to the compost bin. For 2 hours straight. Now I have muscles in strange places in my back. Weird. But the yard looks better and there are far fewer random sticks and maple leaves on the ground. The only thing I'll miss are the giant clumps of moss that blew off the maple tree. One of these days I'll remember to take pictures while I'm doing all of this cleanup.