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(no subject)

Is anyone else sick of the election yet? If this doesn't get better, I'm going to have to dump some of the feminist sites until after it's over. I mean, I'm getting ready for the caucuses and all, but jeez. Constant coverage is making it hard for me to care at all.

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I swear, if I here one more 'professional' journalist talk about the candidates faith as if it's a selling point... Pandering to the lowest common denominator is not the job of the news media. Is it?

It's because this year is screwed up. No one knows what is going on and its a 4 way race on the republican side and a 3 way race on the Democratic side.

They talk because the do not know and its interesting to play "what if.."

I hate that about media folks. It's like if they don't have anything useful to say, they just make stuff up.

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