savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Last weekend was good. Busy, but in a way that left me feeling recharged instead of drained. Friday night was the Chapel and coffee with friends. I think we stayed out way later than we intended, but it was so much fun catching up that I just couldn't tear myself away. At least, after we got out of the super-loud bar.

Saturday was a bunch of lazing about followed by frantic activity. I made decent inroads into the Black Dossier before getting ready to head out to Pagliacci. We had trouble finding somewhere to eat, but finally settled on McMenamins since it's a block away from the Opera House. Food was fine, beer was good, and we got out in time to walk over and find our seats without rushing.

I was absolutely blown away by the opera. I have never been moved by music or performance like I was by Antonello Palombis perfomance as Pagliacci. I would have thought that I wouldn't have any sympathy for such a jealous jerk, but the passion and energy Palombi brought to the performance made me cry. It just broke my heart to see him in so much pain. Especially after the inserted back story section on their relationship. I am still amazed by how moving the second act was.

Sunday involved shopping with my mother and football games. The shopping even had a surprise appearance by sunblock_boy  and his wife.

Weird weekend overall. Lots of seeing people and going out. It almost felt like December again.
Tags: opera, weekend recap
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