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Interesting notes from the caucus

Went to my first caucus over the weekend. Yes, we still use the caucus up here. No, we can't figure out how those danged voting machines work. Except for every other election in the state.

The caucus was interesting, due in large part to the fact that the place was packed. This was, unfortunately, not due to massive turnout (even though it's more than previous years) but due to the fact that they had lots of districts in the same place. Doing some poking around, it appears that there are 300-600 people in a voting district. All of 35 showed to the caucus. If you take into account that last years primary election got a turnout of 35% for absentee ballots alone, this caucus showing was embarrassing. That's what you get for being in the dark ages, I guess.

Anyway, everyone in our precinct was really nice. We even had nice chat about who we should elect. No heated tempers, just polite people saying nice things about the candidates they support. I think it was the weirdest political gathering I've ever been to. I sure as heck wouldn't mind going to more if they were all like that. Everyone was excited and ready to go. And it only took an hour and a half to get everything done and squared away.

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I showed up to mine...still registered in my old neighborhood...even though I've tried several times to correct the problem...but the event itself went well. I was pissed that they asked for (but did not require) money and I was frustrated with the peptalk that happened (I don't need to be 'coached' to be an active citizen...I mean I showed up at the caucus...I'm dedicated)!
All in all the process was smooth and I got out of there rather quickly.

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