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Sales Putz

We’re trying to find a stone that looks good for the fireplace surround and hearth. I thought this would be easy. Silly me. There are so many kinds of stone and so many places to check, all during business hours. Of course, this is nearly impossible since I actually work. But due to circumstances (known as booooring work days), my husband and I were able to head out to look at stone last week.

We started with a little place in Bellevue. They had some interesting stuff, but the pieces that I really liked were too flaky for use on the floor and not thick enough to stand up to the abuse. We decided to hit a little shop on the way home that we’ve passed a thousand times and never been in. And we will never darken their door again.

The man behind the counter, under the guise of being helpful, informed us that we’d done everything all wrong and that there was no way they could do what I wanted. He couldn’t tell the difference between a request for tile and a request for 2″ thick stone. I was instantly ready to go, but my husband is so nice (and gets embarrassed when I yell at strangers) that we stayed for another 10 minutes or so.

The worst part is that they had some really neat stone tiles there.

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