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The Disintigration of America

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson is an alarmingly entertaining look at what people are capable of. It is the future if capitalism were to run amok and extend into the government in such a way that it becomes the equivalent of a franchise.

The premise is that laws are just a group of rules that are enforced by some body of individuals; they are highly variable and nonstandard. In specific, they don’t apply to certain groups and corporations. Throw into the mix a power-mad monopolist and a computer virus that can also affect humans and you have one heck of a volatile mix.

One of the most interesting bits of this story is the idea of a binary virus that is transmissable to humans. If this were actually possible, the implications… Well, I’d rather not think about it. The possibilities for mind control, disease creation you name it are endless. If this were to happen, the Apocalypse wouldn’t be a story anymore, but reality.

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