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June 1, 2003

Dad, Bro and I went riding last June, the last sunny day that all three of us had to go before the big wedding would take up all of Bro’s time. It always takes an hour or so to get out the door, mostly because we have no idea where we want to go. So Dad whips out his book of maps and we try to pick a route.

We decided to go up the coast of the Puget Sound, taking back roads past Kayak Point. Of course, we had to stop at the golf course for a beer.

In fact, we followe the dangerous and windy Chuckanut Drive up to Bellingham where we stopped to fix one of the passenger footpegs so I could actually use it and not worry about it falling off. Good thing the Intruder has a built in toolkit because Dad doesn’t carry one in his gear yet.

From Bellingham, we headed east to Bear Lake. We managed to get a bit lost on the back roads, but ended up on mostly the right track. Of course, by then we were pretty silly. Waking up the entire neighborhood is a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Eventually, we had to take the quick way home, since it was getting dark and cold. We jumped on the freeway just north of Smokey Point and beelined back in to meet Mom and Hubby at Girardi’s in Everett. Hot food and coffee were the perfect end to this ride.

Who’s riding which motorcycle:
Bro: Suzuki Marauder
Dad: Harley Dyna Wide Glide
Me: back of both

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