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Finishing things up

So last I posted, I was working on the baby blanket. I managed to finish that up, not too long after the niece arrived so it wasn’t that late. Naturally, I managed to forget to take pictures. I ended up going with an afghan hook and a boring old single crochet stitch, as I was under a time crunch. The simplicity of the stitch allowed me to make fairly quick progress on the blanket and get it out the door.

Shortly after finishing that up, I decided I needed a more neutral shawl than the powder blue I’d gone with. The shawl had been intended to go with one of my gowns so that I could wear it to the opera, but the color was all wrong for the dress, so it’s been relegated to office use only. In fact, I was known for a while as “the girl who wears the shawl.” Interesting way to get noticed at work.

Anyway, I picked up some yarn that I thought would be more versatile, and it turns out that I hate the color combination. It’s a tan and grey mix which would probably look good in many different situations, but I hate the thing. So I’ve been ignoring it for months. I also miscalculated on the amount of yarn I needed, so I’ve been trying to figure out a way to need one less skein of yarn, since its not available anymore. I think I’ve got that little problem worked out, and I want to start a new project soon, so I’m determined to finish this up by the end of the week. I just need to contrive a way to get rid of it once it’s done. Maybe I’ll leave it at Mom’s house. It might even be useful in one of her rooms.

Next crochet project: Scarf for Mom and a hat for Hubby.

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