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Pattern Recognition

I just recently finished up Pattern Recognition by William Gibson. I absolutely loved this book. It was so absorbing that I actually had a day where I was disoriented after reading for an hour. I could not figure out how to use my body parts properly and had to be careful on stairs as my vision was hazy.

My husband had picked up this book a while back, but I’d been avoiding it as I’d read Neuromancer and had a tough time with it. The writing style made it so that I had no idea what was happening through most of the story. I couldn’t tell plot movement from random chatter. So naturally, I wasn’t interested in another Gibson story. At least, until I was stuck with a choice between it and another book I was avoiding.

I am extremely happy that I picked this story up. The plot was compelling and immediately presenting, sucking me into the action. The characters were approachable and empathetic. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at Gibsons ability to write a convincing female character. I had none of the problems with this story that I’d had with Neuromancer - even though the language was occasionally esoteric (who says outre anyway?) and the sentence structures were complex, setting the story in a familiar time and place allowed me to puzzle through the more complicated sections without losing the thread of the story.

The only thing that detracted from this story was my brains compulsion to analyze the plot and try to predict what will happen next. It distracted me from the writing enough that the last third of the book was less engrossing than the beginning, but I still had a tough time putting it down.

I find it interesting that Gibsons use of language was more difficult for me to grasp than that of Dickens. But now that I’m more proficient with his way of writing, I will definitely be rereading Neuromancer. Again.

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