savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Out of the Box

I hate that phrase. It doesn’t mean anything at all since it’s been so overused. But the management book that uses the phrase doesn’t really mean that. Or at least this management book, Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box, didn’t mean it that way. This was more a take on what motivates people and how to get them to be more selfless in their approach to work.

The basic premise: treat your coworkers as human beings. Yes, this seems obvious. But it’s also a guide for how to catch yourself when you’re not treating others like they’re human. The guide was the most valuable part of the book.

I’m making my husband read this one. It’s got all of the things I love about management books - an ovbious concept and it’s not just applicable to managers.

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Tags: nonfiction, reviews
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