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The first freeway trip

I’ve been avoiding this entry for long enough, it’s time to write about our first trip on the freeway. Over a week ago, March 25th to be precise, my husband and I were headed up to Mom and Dad’s to help celebrate Dad’s birthday. We decided to ride up on our motorcycles and maybe get a trip in with Dad before the festivities started. My husband and I had never been on the freeway and we didn’t want to try it on our second real ride. So we took the long route.

When I say long route, I’m not kidding. A 45 minute freeway trip turned into 2 and a half hours on the side streets. It was beautiful - the perfect temperature and just sunny enough to be bright but not blinding. If we hadn’t been hungry to start it would have been perfect. As it was, we were tired and a little sore by the time we’d finished. We even jumped on the freeway for the last few miles to speed the trip up a bit. I’ll post a picture of the map sooner or later.

The trip home was a little different. We left our bikes with Mom and Dad since it was late, dark and cold by the time we were leaving. So I went up the next day with Melleny to pick up my bike and ride it back. She was nice enough to drive me and follow me back on the side streets.

The first disaster was about a mile from the house. I ran straight into a ditch. I know exaclty why I did it and how to avoid it in the future, but I hate that corner. I was turning left in exactly the same manner that I was when I was hit by a car in seventh grade. I couldn’t stop focusing on that and the ditch on the other side of the road. So of course I drove straight into it.

Luckily, a gentleman who was also a biker stopped his car and helped me get the bike out of the bramles and ditch and back onto the road. The only injuries were a huge bruise that I still have on the inside of my left knee and a sore arm. But I got right back on that bike and drove it into Bothell where Mell and I stopped for lunch.

After lunch, we came out to discover that it had rained and was still sort of raining. We rode on the freeway for a while, but the water and wind made me nervous, so we took a different long route back home.

Overall, I think I’m comfortable riding, but I’ve got stuff to work on. Like turning from a stopped position.

Who’s riding which motorcycle:
Hubby - Marauder
Me - Rebel

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