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Busy weekend

Last weekend was busy in spite of the horrors of snow, sleet, hail, rain and sunshine. What the heck is up with snow this late in April? I rarely snows here in January!

Anyway, it was good for finishing up some indoor stuff. The bookshelves are all sealed now, I just need to decide if I want to wax the shelves to further protect them from careless scraping. And we've figured out how to fix the vent that randomly detached from the heating ducts. That should be fun.

But the best part? That was getting a CD of the xray of my back. Seeing the wonky curve in my spine and the way my head is out of alignment with my lower spine was fascinating. And now I have proof, so when people/doctors/insurance carriers get snippy, I can smack them with the pictures.

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Was it the magic of an O clamp or did you just use ducttape?

The duct is TOO SHORT. We need to get an extender and then use a clamp. Classic.

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