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ECCC 2008

Saturday my husband and I went to the Emerald City ComiCon. This was the first time either of us had been, I’m relatively new to the comic world and my husband just went along because I wanted to go. We arrived about 11, so the crowds hadn’t really picked up yet. This was a very good thing, because the first thing I did after a quick tour of some of the building was to stand in line for Wil Wheaton.

I’ve been a fan of WWdN for a while, and have picked up all his auto-biographical books so far. I managed to get Just a Geek from Mysterious Galaxy pre-signed, and ordered the special edition of The Happiest Days of Our Lives which came signed as well. So this was my chance to get my copy of Dancing Barefoot signed. Completion issues, I haz them.

Anyway, while Wil was personalizing my book, I was able to avoid saying anything too scary and instead thanked him for introducing me to Alan Moore. The best part? He was totally cool and we geeked out about comics for a bit. I must now order Lost Girls because he recommended it specifically. And so far, we’re in total comic-book-agreement. The worst part? Being trapped in line by in front of two girls who reminded me of Cordelia and Harmony from Buffy. Seriously lacking the clue necessary to recognize their own hypocrisy. But it was pretty entertaining to listen to.

While I was waiting in line, my husband wandered around and looked at stuff. This is good because I was in serious power-shopper mode. No idea why this happened. I move much faster through those situations than he does; he wants to stop and look at everything, I only want to browse things that catch my eye.

A couple of the art tables caught my eye and we ended up walking away with Nighty-Night by Scott Kikuta and Lucha Monstruo by Daniel Davis (pictures after the jump). I love them both, they’re going to get framed and hung in my office. As we were cash poor, we didn’t walk away with much else, but there are a couple of titles I’m going to be asking the local comic shop to be picking up for me.

We ran into a couple of old friends that we haven’t seen (hi Zannah!) in ages and then burned out and left. There were lots of people there, the standing had cranked my back, and we still had to head out to get lunch, a present and attend a party. Saturday was awfully busy, but the con was a good way to start.

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