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So it turns out that the cat probably has a fatty cyst. The vet was awesome, even though I've never seen this particular one before. I think the main vet at that clinic does a good job of screening for caring people to work with. They were all kind and caring, even remarking on how good my girl is. The best part was that she dyed the cells she retrieved while I was there to give me an initial analysis.

The bad news is that the cat needs to have her teeth cleaned. I knew this, her gums aren't happy looking. But now we have the time to wait until I get her on the road to a better cleaning regimen (chunks of real food) until we get them cleaned. They're just going to pull the cyst out at the same time, kind of a two-fer deal.

The mister is going to have his teeth cleaned at the same time, even though his gums are much better looking. His teeth still need it, and he's a serious butt when she's not at 100%, taking every advantage to pick on her. It's just easier to have them both down at the same time.

His gums are better in large part because he's graduated to eating actual animal parts, as they come from the store. Whole chicken breasts, pork t-bones, whole cuts of beef. Getting Moll onto this program means that we're waiting on the whole rabbit to arrive. They've been out for months due to the feed fiasos the last couple of years. I should be getting some next week though. And then the little stinker will be getting her meat in actual pieces. Some day.
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