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Early morning omens

I’m trying to be very careful today. I have this sense of impending doom that I just can’t shake. There’s a very good reason for this, beyond the waking up crabby and trying to hide from the world.

This morning, a crow ran into the side of my car.

Note the phrasing there. The CROW ran into the CAR. I was just driving along, assuming that the bird taking off on the patch of grass to the right would be able to get his crap together in time to make it off the ground like every other bird in existence. Somehow, that just didn’t happen. The bird ran head first into the passenger window, trying to splat himself on my car.

Crow attempted suicide isn’t that common, is it? Are all the other crows going to attack my car because this one who knocked himself silly is going to tell the rest about how evil it is? I just have this terrible feeling that this is some sort of omen…

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It all depends on what way you want to take it. Sometimes they are a sign of ill or good. They are sometimes change, sometimes the speaker of truth, sometimes the harbringer of trouble. Sometimes they are messengers. Sometimes which side they are on or the number of crows tells you something. Maybe it had something to do with what you were thinking about at the time...

It all depends on which tradition of folklore you want to go with. Eastern European, Western European, Greek, Roman, Native American, Aborigine...you pick.

Or maybe it the crow was drunk? Maybe he just got dumped and the collision with the car brought it new perspective on life?

I'd look at it as right hand being good and a sign of some things that are of to come. You'll get bonked on the head over something but you'll survive and hopefully not run into any other cars...

Well, the crow was taking off from a church, so... don't join the church or you'll get bonked? Or maybe grass is evil? Still, not making any big decisions today.

Hopefully you can make a decision about what to do for dinner...that shouldn't kill you....unless you decide you want to eat something that makes you go into shock or something...

Or unless you need to hunt it yourself... mmm, grizzly steaks.

Aw, Seattle PI doesn't have the link. What was it?

Oh, ha. I remember that one.

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