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Somehow I’ve turned into one of those yuppie/hippie people that are so irritating with their “high ideals” and “green living.” My only saving grace is that I’m not outspoken and demanding attention about it. That’s not to say I don’t talk about the things I’m discovering, just that I can take the hint when others aren’t interested.
It has been a long journey for me, something like 8 years. I still remember how it started: cat litter. I was shopping for kitty litter and wanted something that didn’t stink. The catbox was in the only bathroom of my tiny 1 bedroom apartment and the smell was making me crazy. I started looking at options other than clay - silicone pellets, newspaper, pine, wheat, corn. I’d never realized here were so many options so I had to research each one. I eventually settled on wheat litter (after trying many others and not liking them or their side effects).
It’s evolved from that to wanting to grow some of my own food, eating only appropriately fed meat, feeding the cats a raw diet, using biofuels and landscaping with native plants. We’re holding off on solar panels because of the windstorms, but we’re also considering a living roof.
Some days this makes me feel like some crazy outsider, especially when talking to coworkers(they think I’m nuts, but in a good way). But some days I think I’m really doing something useful for the planet. Time will tell what the actual impact is, I guess. Until then I console myself with knowing I’m doing the best I can with the information I have.

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One of your coworkers doesn't think your nuts. One of you coworkers things the same thing, and one of them has been doing similar things and looking into similar things.


Yeah, but we've already established that you're crazy too.

No living roof here, but I've got a 3 stage composter. You are not alone.

It's good to not be alone, at least on this sort of stuff. I was listening to NPR this morning and they said the demand for recycled goods had collapsed. I was shocked and irritated. Why isn't recycling cheap yet? It's not like the paper's more expensive or anything.

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