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Building a tank stand - progress report

I was hoping to save this up until the fish tank stand was finished, but that seems so far away that I’m going to do a progress post anyway. I keep buying stuff for the aquarium, stuff that won’t spoil anyway. Last month I picked up some driftwood on sale. I guess the delay is good for that, anyway.

At this point, the stand is fully designed and mostly cut into the large pieces listed on the cut list. Final shaping and fitting has yet to be done. The door and drawer will be the last pieces cut and put together as they are not required before setting the aquarium on top of the stand.

Getting to this point has required the purchase of a bunch of new tools for my father. He managed to pick up a shiny new precision router table and a jig for doing the mortise and tenon joints. He swears that these will be useful later for his door building exercises, but I think he would have bought them even if they weren’t. He just likes buying new tools.

One of these days I’ll be redrawing the blueprint and posting the cut list. I would just scan the current one, but it’s so marked up it’s impossible to read. Getting the design onto paper and readable by someone else was more difficult than I’d thought. Items that are so clear to me require more explanation than I’d expected.

I’m still hoping to have this done soonish. There’s a great big plant auction at the local Aquarium Society that I’m hoping to take advantage of. But that means getting out to do the staining and shellacking soon, too. That’s going to be a project all by itself.

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Tags: fishkeeping, woodworking
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