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Annual exodus

For those that haven't heard, LJ had layoffs. I swear, about once a year something happens that starts a panic about whether or not LJ will exist.

For those of you who're looking to take more control and have Wordpress, I recommend the following combination of add-ons:

Anyone have suggestions for other plugins?
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Gorsh, I'd have to figure out how to use those ones, first.

You'd like the crossposter. No more copy/paste. :)

The other half of this reply (argh, brain) is that I'd be happy to help you set them up. The hard part for me was figuring out the ftp interface for my web host. That's the only part I can't help with.

Edited at 2009-01-07 10:41 pm (UTC)

I have an FTP interface, too. Which means that it's generally more complicated than it ought to be. Maybe I'll kick it around, see if I can't sort somethign out. It would be a helluva lot tidier if I could just download and run with it.

That sucks for new functionality development, but they still have like 17 million registered users so even if only a small percentage of them are active they have enough to sustain site value. Worst case someone else would take over the company. They have too large a user base to just fold.

Yeah, if you say so. I wouldn't be surprised if they start pulling stuff or making this so irritating that it becomes MySpace-like.

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