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Too much of a good thing

It’s raining today. Ordinarily, this would be news on the order of stating that it’s Wednesday. But today is different, today is special. Today, we have a flood warning.

This isn’t terribly unusual, what with the copious amount of rain we normally get. Somehow this feels special though. It could be the mounds of snow that are finally melting off, causing the creeks near the house to run swift and clear. Or it could be that it’s rained for 36 hours straight, which is highly unusual. It could also be that I’ve been trapped in the house with a nasty cold for a week and am going a little stir crazy.

I’ve been looking outside periodically to see how bad the flooding is, but there’s nothing going on by the house yet. I’m very glad this is the case, and hope it continues to be so. We’re fortunate in that there are two streams running by the house, one on either side, that collect rain water and snow runoff from the mountain. But it’s been a trip to see how much water has been running down the one that dries up in the summer. It’s running like a big stream.

And of course, I wonder what this is doing to the new meadow, since it no longer has a retaining pit. Oh, I hope the grass survives.

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Just remember that you are big enough to operate the gate and you don't have to stand there yelling "out! out!"

Woah. That's a non sequitur you're going to have to explain.

I think he is suffering from Dad-itus.

Seriously. It took me hours to figure out he was referring to the video of his kid.

Get ready for Northcreek to overflow and close down Bothell again. It isn't there yet, but..

Wooo! That sounds like fun.

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